Our Mission

Alive Ministries exists to reach and disciple kids and teens through a variety of immersive events and specialized resources.

Every person struggles to answer the same basic questions: Who am I? What’s my purpose? Where do I belong? We know the Bible offers the only satisfying answers to these questions and we are committed to helping kids and teens find identity, purpose, and community in a growing and thriving relationship with Christ and other believers.

Believers are designed to grow - building on their foundation of faith as they become more and more like Christ. Though not our only tool, one of our primary methods of discipleship is drama. We believe that theater is more than pretending to be someone you’re not; it’s a means of becoming who you were meant to be. It’s character development.

As believers we have been given a message to share with the world around us. We are passionate about sharing that message while also helping kids and teens learn to do the same using the unique gifts God has given to them.