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You can bring the Alive experience to your school or homeschool group – complete with all of the resources needed to perform our original musical productions! But it’s so much more than just putting on a show. Your students will receive valuable training in all of the crucial aspects of drama and musical theater while being immersed in the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

What You’ll Get

  • A Performance License which gives you permission to perform that season’s musical with your group as many times as you would like within the span of one year
  • The Production Kit for that season’s show which includes all of the resources necessary to prepare and perform that show (more details in FAQ section below)
  • Sponsor and student access to our library of training videos dealing with all of the basic elements of drama and musical theater
  • Access to our video Bible study for that season which dives deeply into the Biblical principles from the show, and a group discussion guide to facilitate meaningful conversations with your students
  • Show-specific curriculum designed to take you through the entire process of preparing for the show week-by-week
  • Certificates of Completion for your students along with a transcript for awarding Bible and Drama credits


What is included in the production kit?
  • Director’s Notebook
  • Reproducible Student Scripts
  • Reproducible Vocal Scores
  • Music Director’s/Pianist’s Score
  • Demonstration Recording (for musical numbers)
  • Part-dominant Rehearsal Tracks
  • Performance Accompaniment Tracks
  • Graphics Package (logos, social media graphics, powerpoint/keynote slides for announcements, printable show poster, ticket template)
  • Costuming Notes
  • Audition Notes (with line counts)
  • Stage Diagrams and Backdrop Designs
  • Prop List
What is covered in the curriculum?

The curriculum provides a scope and sequence for the 12 weeks of the program – taking you through the entire process from auditions and blocking to tech week and show night.

Each week’s notes will include:

  • What scenes should be blocked/rehearsed
  • When props, costumes, and technical elements should be introduced
  • What training videos should be watched
  • What Biblical principles should be highlighted

You will also find helpful guides and tips & tricks for every facet of putting together a production, including: managing a tech week, lighting and sound equipment/software, ticketing for shows, putting together a playbill, turning your space into a theater, and much more!

What kind of training videos will we have access to?

Both students and sponsors will have access to videos covering all of the basic elements of drama and musical theater, including:

  • Theater Basics (terminology, history, acting skills)
  • Vocal Technique
  • Set Design and Creation
  • Stage Makeup
  • Stage Management

During a student’s first season with the program they will get an introduction to all of the elements mentioned above. After the first season they will have access to more advanced lessons dealing with specific techniques for the core disciplines. An introduction to the basics of theater tech will also be available (lights and sound).

There will also be show-specific videos (as needed) which would be used to cover:

  • Background details for the time period
  • Specific makup/hair techniques for characters
  • Costuming ideas
  • Prop creation
  • Set design
  • Lighting and sound design
What is the student registration cost and what does it cover?

If students are registering on their own the cost is $225 per student.

If the organization is covering the student registration fees they are as follows:

  • First 15 Students: $210 each
  • Additional Students: $200 each

This registration fee includes:

  • Student access to show resources
  • Student access to training videos
  • Student access to Bible study (and secure/monitored community forum)
  • Certificate of completion and transcript for awarding credit
  • Souvenir Show Shirt
How long is a season?

The program is designed to run for 12 weeks at a time (from auditions to performance), but the “season” is approximately 20 weeks.

For example: The Fall Season opens on August 1 and runs through December 31. You can gain access to the resources as soon as the season opens and run your program any time during that window.

Production kits must be purchased for each show/season and students must register for each season in order to have access to the resources and receive credit.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to launch your local branch of the Alive Theater Program! Just purchase the production kit, which includes your license and everything you need to perform the show for that season, and choose how students will be registered for the program. The organization can cover the student fees or students can register individually.


+ student registration fees


Production Kit for One of Our Original Musicals

12-Week Curriculum with Rehearsal Aids & Show Resources

Access to Our Library of Training Videos

Bible Study with Group Discussion Guide

Individual Student Access to Show Resources & Bible Study Content

Bible & Theater Credits/Transcript for Students